G2 joins the race with dominant win in Sweden


G2 2 – 0 North

French top team G2 took the title at Dreamhack Malmö on September 3rd 2017.

G2 joined the race for the ultimate prize with a big win, taking out the Danes of North. The French legends were the last ones standing after 16 teams duked it out in Sweden.

Their run ended with winning 16-12 on Inferno and 16-9 on Cobblestone. Kenny “kennyS” Schrub was instrumental in the final, posting a score of +20. Alexandre “body” Pianaro was his team`s second best with +5. After their incredible tournament, Nathan “NBK” Schmitt said this on stage:

- We were not coming here expecting a win but we have taken it game by game and taken down some of the best teams in the world. The feeling is great.

G2 could take home 100 000 dollars and an entry into the prestigious race to the Intel Grand Slam. The French team has nine more chances to secure three other trophies for one million dollars and a place among the pages of history.