EG Victorious at ESL One New York


Evil Geniuses have broken the hegemony of Astralis and TeamLiquid to win their first ever ESL One. EG's victory comes nearly a year since someone other than Astralis or TeamLiquid won a Masters level tournament. It took seven tournaments for someone other than the two previous Intel Grand Slam winners to pick of a trophy. Incidentally, the previous time was also at ESL One New York.

EG dominated the competition beating Astralis 3-1 in the grand final. Team Liquid, the sole leaders of the current race for the Intel Grand Slam, fell to Astralis in the semi final.

EG are now in the best position to win the $1,000,000 as they have one victory to their name and nine more tournaments to try to collect either six Masters trophies or four Masters trophies including a Championship level tournament (IEM Katowice, ESL One Cologne or a CSGO Major by ESL or DreamHack). Liquid are even on trophies but have eight tournaments left to complete the Intel Grand Slam.