Intel Grand Slam Season 3 starts at IEM Chicago


The first event of the new Intel Grand Slam season will be Intel Extreme Masters Chicago this weekend.  With the commencement of a new race to $1,000,000 we are updating the conditions of completing the award.

The rule update is designed to keep the Intel Grand Slam in the spirit of the award’s original design: to be an achievement to crown the greatest team in a specific period of time.  Intel Extreme Masters Katowice and ESL One Cologne powered by Intel are the most difficult events in the ESL calendar and winning at one of these two events will be a requirement to completing the Intel Grand Slam with four victories.

Winning the Intel Grand Slam outside of IEM Katowice and ESL One Cologne will be possible, but teams will need to win six championships inside a run of ten tournaments overall to accomplish this. 

The new rule is as follows:

The Intel Grand Slam in Season 3 can be completed by the first team to complete either of the two conditions below:

1.       Winning four Masters level CSGO tournaments including one (or more) designated Masters level CSGO tournament inside a span of ten consecutive tournaments.

2.       Winning six Masters level CSGO tournaments inside a span of ten consecutive events.

Masters level CSGO events are currently Intel Extreme Masters, ESL One, ESL Pro League and DreamHack Masters. Designated Masters level CSGO tournaments for 2020 are Intel Extreme Masters Katowice and ESL One Cologne.  Any potential CSGO Major by ESL or DreamHack in the future would also be considered as having that status.

The list of eligible IGS Masters level events & championship level events is available on the Intel Grand Slam website.

The full rules can be found on the <rules page>.

It is important to us that the Intel Grand Slam is an achievement that can serve to compare teams and their eras across time.  Under the Season 3 rules both Astralis and Liquid would have completed the Intel Grand Slam as both have managed to win IEM Katowice and ESL One Cologne inside their allotted completion time frames.