Liquid Take Lead for 2nd Intel Grand Slam

Liquid win at DreamHack Masters Dallas.

Liquid have won the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney championship and are now in the race to the Intel Grand Slam. The world's #2 ranked team is now level with Astralis for the number of eligible trophies and has more time to win their 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

The North American lineup defeated Fnatic in a long, drawn out grand final in Australia, beating the Swedes 3-2. In spite of being ranked #2 for months, Liquid have not won a big trophy with their current team, securing a number of second places in 2018.

The IEM Sydney champions are now looking to make use of Astralis' absence from a number of announced events to go ahead of the Danes in the race. The next eligible championship will be DreamHack Masters Dallas in June, Astralis won't be in attendance.

If Liquid win on their home soil in Dallas, Astralis will be a trophy behind at the ESL Pro League finals in France. The race is starting to heat up.