Simplified Rules for the Intel® Grand Slam IV


Following the conclusion of the Intel Grand Slam III where Natus Vincere picked up the $1,000,000 spoils after their victory at ESL Pro League Season 14, we wish to share a more simplified rule set and offer further information about the Intel Grand Slam IV.

The Intel Grand Slam IV can be completed by the first team to win three ESL Pro Tour Masters tournaments and one Championship tournament (Katowice, Cologne or ESL-operated CS:GO Majors) inside a span of ten consecutive events. 

  • The list of eligible EPT Masters events & EPT Championship events are listed available on the Intel Grand Slam homepage.
  • Results from the Intel Grand Slam III are not counted towards Intel Grand Slam IV.
  • Teams are allowed to swap players between tournaments, but a core of the same three players have to win four finals together in order to be eligible for the Intel Grand Slam.
  • If a player has left his or her team and competed in an IGS event for another team, he or she becomes ineligible for any IGS prize money if his or her old team would win.
  • If a team that is about to complete the IGS is defeated in the final of their potential 4th win, their opponents receive the $100,000 “giant killer bonus”.  The one exception to the rule is if a team denying the completion of the Intel Grand Slam completes it in the same final.
  • There is no limit to how many giant killer bonuses are paid out in a single Intel Grand Slam campaign.

The way to obtain the Intel Grand Slam prize has become a much clearer process. Previously it was possible to obtain the Intel Grand Slam in two methods, either winning 3 EPT Masters + 1 EPT Championship, or alternatively winning 6 EPT Masters events within a span of 10 consecutive tournaments. The singular format is a cleaner process and easier to follow and understand for the audience.

With the completion of one race, a new one begins. All current teams with IGS titles have been reset and a simplified rule set has been implemented to depict how a team may win the Intel Grand Slam IV. The full list of rules can be found here.